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March 31, 2004
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2004 Olympic Poster by TheRyanFord 2004 Olympic Poster by TheRyanFord
Part of a class assignment.

Sometimes the simplest answer can be the best.

Final Print: 11" x 17"

Yet Another Update: I apologize for updating this so much, but there are little nitpicky details that keep getting worked out.
First off, the olympic logo I had at the bottom had been removed. It was redundant and unecessary.

I also modified the shadows to be more "shadowy" rather than flat grey shapes.

Then, I changed the light cyan gradient to a 5% Yellow and 2% Magenta gradient. After all, these are the SUMMER olympic, so it needs to feel warmer.
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tave Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005   Interface Designer
simply excellent.... i love it so much
astondo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005
Classic and cool :)
salted-eyes Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2004
Very nice work. I just love it. Awesome!! :-)
MikkelT Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2004
I like this design a lot, as you say yourself, it does not have to be anything but simple, this one being simple also means a lot.

Though, I would say that the Olympia logo with the rings should be fully shown in some way, since it's their logo, it should not be cut off as you have did it, though, really cool effect

Great job :)
reebok Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
I love the minimalism of it and everything! Excellent work, liquisoft.
vlda Featured By Owner May 27, 2004
Extremely fluid and vibrant , bravo ! One thing bugs me though , its the flame . Have you tried using fewer bigger shapes to define it?

awesome though.
karsten Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
great grid, colors and typo.

the drop shadow also fit great.
Ofijo Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
Came to see your 'design skills' after reading you flame '!s-n-e-e-d' on a forum.
And - Whoa, Wonderful.
Simple, presentable, visually pleasing. Quite professional, I'de honestly see it as a poster on a public board.
tigaer Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
perfect =)
hif Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2004
Pretty darn neat.

However, shouldn't the greek flag be side by side with the olympic banner rather than on top of it - or maybe vice versa. I dunno, the fact that its in greece should be a secondary pause, its birthplace, rather than the main event of the image. Its the lympics you know.

And sorry if you have gotten the same comment before; I'm not gonna read through the previous 70.
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