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Fonce Sans Pro_Promo 2011 by TheRyanFord Fonce Sans Pro_Promo 2011 by TheRyanFord
Designed this promotional piece for Fonce Sans Pro as part of an entry package into a little design competition.

Thought I'd share it with you guys, since I had fun making it.

You can also buy the font family for just $15/weight right here.
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TheLopez Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
I love Fonce Sans, I just wish it was free mimimi
MartinSilvertant Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Professional General Artist
I believe I've said this before on one of your other images of Fonce Sans, but it's a very nice font. The 'a' without spur is not a design I usually enjoy, but I must admit yours doesn't look too "techno" but instead the minimalist design gives it an elegant appearance which is present in the other letters with bowls as well.

A few remarks though:
- Your presentation is very nice, though I think including a price tag with such a high number in the context of a promotional "flyer" which is made to look like an ad by a random company (clever by the way) is quite off-putting. At first glance I really assumed your typeface was 450 pounds.
- I don't think it's completely justified to show type with an outline on the promo picture if your font family doesn't include an outline font like that. It might make people expect more.
- The '@' symbol looks very much out of place. No other glyph in your alphabet is so squarish yet rounded. It stands out way too much.
- On MyFonts you mention it's suitable for both display use and body copy. I pretty much agree, however the 'f' is quite condensed and may resemble a 't' in very small sizes and the proportions of the other lowercase letters are not that narrow so the 'f' is actually a bit of an oddball in there. I do wonder though, do you plan on adding serif and bold? In my opinion it's pretty much useless as a body font without italic and bold.
- On MyFonts you mention it's a Swiss-style typeface with an unmistakable Dutch style. I'm Dutch and to be honest I'm not sure whether it really is Dutch. The Dutch have a very typical serif style from the Baroque and Caslon is actually Dutch as well. I wouldn't know how to recognize a Dutch Sans because as far as I know there is none. Unless of course you consider typefaces like Rijksoverheids Sans and Scala Sans to be typically Dutch, which I tend to agree with but as I said I couldn't say what's Dutch about them. Perhaps its subtle irregularity, short ascenders and descenders and some subtle and elegant quirks. If that's true I very much agree with you. But then what's Swiss about it? On the promo flyer you rightfully claim it's Swiss-inspired. I think there isn't much more to it but I won't deny the possibility that I'm incredibly wrong. I'm more knowledgeable about serif types. Anyway, I very much like letters like 'G' with their loop ending in a diagonal cut rather than sloping down more.
- For what reason are you calling this typeface 'Pro'? It features no bold, no italic, no tabular numbers, no oldstyle numbers, no miniscule or majuscule, no ligatures and no support for East European languages. In total there are only 228 glyphs per font. Really, apart from the presence of small-caps (wonderful, by the way! You don't see that often in sans serif) this typeface has no right to be called Pro until you at least add support for East European languages.
forty-winks Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
is there any chance you'll include East European diacritics (ĘęΣσĄąŚśŁłŻżŹźĆćŃń)?
stalker777 Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I love this font. Even better then Helvetica.

Btw, has your Firefox corrupted whenever you install Helvetica (not the right place to ask, but yeah....)
Somebodylost Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Nice and clean. :)
What design competition?
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