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From the View of a Bug by TheRyanFord From the View of a Bug by TheRyanFord
I spent a long time on this one, and I think it shows in the detail (though blurred).

You may recognize parts of this image from "Ladybug Overlooking Grass Field" which was basically this image minus all of its main details (farm, fence, bucket, some of the grass, faucet, etc). That image was actually just an in-the-process version of this image, which is the final edit.

I drew everything completely by hand, in this image. I was attempting to create a sense of, as the title suggest, looking through the eyes of a bug.

I intentionally made things out of focus to give it a sense of depth, while maintaining focus on the ladybug sitting on the leaf.

I spent quite a while hand-drawing details on each individual portion of this image, and it all shows, despite all of the progressive blurring.

This is a rather surreal image, as it combines both realistic perspective and lighting with my own cartoonish style.

Its also a rather serene image. If you stare at it long enough, you can almost begin to see the clouds roll by.

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almaher Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
that is wallpaper also
i used it in the past
today i search it on deviantart
then i found the artist

thanks for this wonderful paper
can you re product it without effect of blur in back ground
will be also more

and what is the program you use
photoshop or illustrator
pixelzeesh Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006
nice effort
kool-n-casual Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2006
Very very comendable job! I love this one! :)
Just added it to my favourites (and Webshots gallery).
Mash11 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
good idea :)
astondo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005
Not to blurred? I think it is :)
Mephala Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2004
An awesome picture! One of the best and most unique I've ever seen on DA. And the bug's really cute. :)
latifah27 Featured By Owner May 20, 2004
Was the pattern on the foreground grass hand-drawn too? Or was it a pattern you made and then saved and re-used for the grass?
palatinevelum Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2003
that is really neat how you focused all on the lady bug, although the lady bug is just an object in the computers mind...nice job, and nice colors
yoyo Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2003
this is really nice Nod
i saw it a while ago, but i just came across it again, while procrastinating my homework and browsing through wallpapers.

your style rox.
JBMiller Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003
What a talented artist! I liked the ladybug theme so much I ordered a copy of the Ladybug v1 print. It would be nice to see this wallpaper available in a 20x30 print.
moddee Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2003
I love it
nieman Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2003
oh, and I like jct2k2's comment... this would be an awesome series... seeing the bug pack up his bags, and take a look at NYC or Paris.. do mountaing climbing in the Alps, or climb the steps to a Budhist temple in Tibet... hehe
nieman Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2003
GAH!! I dont know how I missed this the first time around, but only caught it because I flipped through your 'best of' dev pack, curious to see what YOU thought was your best work.

NOW, I think the blurring looks right, and I agree with your comment about the blurring, i thin its spot on.. i was about the say some stuff looked too clear, but then thought.. wait.. wtf, that'd look dumb, even if accurate. I think that blurring it at all gives the viewer the sense of depth, distance, and such, so its all good, in this particular case.

This seems to be more of a Roger Rabbit cartoon style, combined with early Warner Brothers.. and given the Horatio cartoon I can definitely tell where you draw heavy inspiration from.

I think it turned out great, and yea, the clouds almost do roll by if you lose yourself in the scene :) (Smile)

One thing though... I think you really betrayed the size of things, by placing the barn in such small size.. the blurring makes it seem close, and if it were close, you wouldnt see all of it like that, so it does detract some points from the thing, although I dont know any way to improve that, I'm sorry... just a sucky situtation there... one thing I do know how to improve the poorness of is the fence.. green grass of this type doesn't grow more than 6 inches at BEST, before larger more dominant species start to move in and take over, yet you have it above the first board row, which on a normal wood fence is about 3 feet off the ground. Our fence is about thigh high on me and I stand at 6'3" Regular, green Kentucky Bluegrass, and its types... no way they'd go that tall... and making the fence go way up higher I think would add a sense of smallness to the viewer, if they're looking under the fence, instead of beside it.

That may also help the barn look a lot farther away, if I venture to guess.. but yea.. that fence just looks wrong, to me. Maybe it's my farmer boy upbringing lol...

Anyways. The architecture of the barn is poop, compared to reality, to say it blunt.. Compared to an animation or cartoon... i think it's still even too exagerated.. no facia on the roof, the overhand is like 6 freakin feet, as opposed to a normal 6-8 INCHES and if you want a daring look to your house, I've drafted houses with as much as a 14 inches maybe and anything beyond is wierd... and also, lotta barns don't have doors, but in cartoons those big double plank X supported doors are just trade mark to your normal every day red barn... kind looks empty without them :( (Sad)
thadon41 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
So cool. I reckon you should write some tutorials, put em on your site or something...cuz i for one would love to know some of your techniques..!
splat Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
I remember seeing the early version and thinking "this is going to look great when it's done."

And I was right. =) (Smile)
keepin it real in 2k2
geminione Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2002
neat stuff man... still think it's a great idea! I really like the depth if field usage.
delici0us Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2002
so cute Love

---> favorites

___++delicious>>__ _
kgcreative Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2002  Professional General Artist
-This piece creates an extreme sense of awe within my trousers.
Curiosity was Framed.
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gem24 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2002
what did I tell you in my profile? (this boy is a genius) :-) (Smile)
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pixelhunter Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2002
Special, but i like the looks of it .
+Shadowness Staff+

TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Technically, it is not all blurred progressively. The reason for this minor adjustment is to allow for SOME detail in things like the barn, fence, etc. I looked at blurring it as much as it should be, and frankly it looked ridiculous.
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parasight Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2002
You've put a lot of work into this, that's for sure.

For some reason, the blurring looks wrong. The house should be much more blurred compared to the water faucet. I'm not sure if the bucket should be that blurred. It looks like 2 layers of flatness with a 3-dimensional ladybug stuck on the front. Sorry to put you down, but I feel this has some room for improvement.
iamall Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2002
Refreshing image. Even though its blurred like hell in purpose, i can see youve spent some time making it look good. Quite much cartoonic style.
~make art, not love~
becka72 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2002
cute :butterfly: (Butterfly)
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dj-designs Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2002
I'm loving this one.
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idvah Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2002  Professional Filmographer
ah another favorite!
I love how you got the textures on the grass, I am in awe of you. Can't wait for more.
olya Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
oh wow.
i love how you captured the sense of depth, with an absolutely cute (sorry, it IS cute) style.
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Tusk-and-Ink Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Professional Digital Artist

haha! This is so awesome... This looks really good with windows XP. Man, I'm very jealous of your skill -- Excellent work, my friend! Excellent, indeed!
ekud Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
well done mate, the effort you put in shows in what is a flawless freehand piece...... i personally wish it wasnt so blurred though, why is it?

great work nonetheless!
thewill Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Student
excellent... that's some incredible skill that you're displaying in this. i love the addition of the faucet.. adds a major "out-in-the-country" feel to the image
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jark Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
i was totally into the original but this is SO much better with the additions that you've made. now for your next project: from the view of an alien ;-) (Wink)

jark (deviantART Co-Founder)
-freak- Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
i think this is among your best efforts so far. nice study on the focus.

my interpretation: i am a male ladybug, lookin at that FINE female ladybug on that leaf over there. Oh my she is a LADYbug. Now THAT's what I'm talkin about! I'd like to git me some o THAT! Shake them spots, baby!


DanielRabjerg Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Just waiting for real country-life annimals like Cows, and Chickens!..
ubu Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
Though I still believe the blurring is not proportionally accurate (blurred too much too quickly), this looks good, and for the most part your effort is evident.
- u - b - u -
digi Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
elite...but i dont like the blurrrr again :| (Mad) ..and not too sure about the lighting ...but it still tight man...second one of your shit on my desktop ... ;D
tripp Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
i remember seeing this on your website....i love it...

the drawings in the back are just matches the cartoonish style of your ladybug perfectly.......

i love all the small details, the shading, the textures on the leaves, the ladybugs in the distance on the fence.....

outstanding work on drawing everything....that must have taken such effort to draw all those elements with nothing but ps....

this is why you are one of my fav digital artists.....i love this wall
>>> tripp
princesnoopy Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
hahahaha whoa! Like arleetec said, the ladybugs on the fence are pretty cool too. I can tell you spent a lot of time, and the cartoonish look is really awesome! :D (Big Grin)
rince. noopy
hadowness. oder
tow Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
ghettofs Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
this is great, even though you used some of the particles from the other piece, this is just even better because everything looks so right and cool whereas the other one just showed grass...both are extremely great and you are a great artist...
koolflasher Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002   Photographer
forgot to vote ..hehe..damn fine piece ! :) (Smile)
koolflasher Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002   Photographer
liquisoft = the real artist
koolflasher = pixelpimp !
7th Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
when i saw the title i was hoping to see the view from a little bug looking up to see a bit foot coming down to squish it :O (Eek)

but this is cool nonetheless :) (Smile)

:: ::
erator Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
Must say you manage to communicate the effect of depth and space very well. Very nice piece.
unstable Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
nice detail on the ladybug and the closest leafs. the time you took to polish this really shows. there are no small forgotten blending errors or color bleeds. perfect.
jct2k2 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002  Professional General Artist
this is a series? it better be a series!

can the next one take place on a city street?
arleetec Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2002
HA, this series just get better and better. The way you used the blur to show a sense of depth is well done. Love the little ladybugs on the fence too. Another great piece from liquisoft!
ILove mah cookies!
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