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February 14, 2002
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From the View of a Bug by TheRyanFord From the View of a Bug by TheRyanFord
I spent a long time on this one, and I think it shows in the detail (though blurred).

You may recognize parts of this image from "Ladybug Overlooking Grass Field" which was basically this image minus all of its main details (farm, fence, bucket, some of the grass, faucet, etc). That image was actually just an in-the-process version of this image, which is the final edit.

I drew everything completely by hand, in this image. I was attempting to create a sense of, as the title suggest, looking through the eyes of a bug.

I intentionally made things out of focus to give it a sense of depth, while maintaining focus on the ladybug sitting on the leaf.

I spent quite a while hand-drawing details on each individual portion of this image, and it all shows, despite all of the progressive blurring.

This is a rather surreal image, as it combines both realistic perspective and lighting with my own cartoonish style.

Its also a rather serene image. If you stare at it long enough, you can almost begin to see the clouds roll by.

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almaher Oct 27, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
that is wallpaper also
i used it in the past
today i search it on deviantart
then i found the artist

thanks for this wonderful paper
can you re product it without effect of blur in back ground
will be also more

and what is the program you use
photoshop or illustrator
Very very comendable job! I love this one! :)
Just added it to my favourites (and Webshots gallery).
Not to blurred? I think it is :)
An awesome picture! One of the best and most unique I've ever seen on DA. And the bug's really cute. :)
latifah27 May 20, 2004
Was the pattern on the foreground grass hand-drawn too? Or was it a pattern you made and then saved and re-used for the grass?
that is really neat how you focused all on the lady bug, although the lady bug is just an object in the computers mind...nice job, and nice colors
this is really nice Nod
i saw it a while ago, but i just came across it again, while procrastinating my homework and browsing through wallpapers.

your style rox.
What a talented artist! I liked the ladybug theme so much I ordered a copy of the Ladybug v1 print. It would be nice to see this wallpaper available in a 20x30 print.
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