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Red Vines-Deliciously Twisted by TheRyanFord Red Vines-Deliciously Twisted by TheRyanFord
This is an 8.5x11 magazine ad for Red Vines, created for my Image Methodology class.

The assignment was to create a magazine ad for Red Vines in which we made a visual representation of "deliciously twisted" that spoke positively about the product (red vines licorice), made it look delicious, and also was twisted in some way. We also had to include the tagline "deliciously twisted" as well as a photo of a package of licorice and the logo of American Licorice Company (the company that produces Red Vines).

The concept I came up with, among others, was this odd shoe with a tongue eating licorice. The tongue of the shoe (the flap at the top of the laces) was turned into a realistic tongue complete with little droplets of saliva and half-eaten licorice.
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PaT-oO Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Hi man, Your work (deviations) in general is food for the eyes. So much yummy... Keep it up!
However I u'd allow me to, I'd point out that the vine shadow on the shoe would have served better if it had either not appeared at all or not been reddish. Only translucent objects have colored shadows. Nice work overall.
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Red vines are translucent, though. ;)
lando-art Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2008  Professional General Artist
Very interesting your work, I like yours designs...
andythecompany Featured By Owner May 8, 2008
Cool concept, it looks like it's from a magazine.
moutonpink Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
This is really cool! I like the concept ^^
MultiCultureFruit Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007  Professional Photographer
lmao totally love it !!
UFOSTYLE Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
also ı just realised that ı was listening simply red - red red wine when ı saw this great work :O lol COOOOOLLL
UFOSTYLE Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
awesomeeeeee AWESOME :P lol ur style killing me :O
lordspootnik Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
hi ! can someone help me to find a tutorial to do the white & blue background ??? pllllzzzz !!!!
if u can send me a link by mail @

thank you very much !!!
HiggsPorn Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006
nice work :) nice simple concept, nice representation of it.
OCBchGal Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006   Photographer
nice. what's the inside look like? :D
Heidi Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006
I'm glad you had to work with Red Vines and not Twizzlers. ;)

elfzit Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
This is for October on the calendar. Just from seeing it, printed and on a wall in its actual size, I had no idea that it was a Red Vines advert. Other than that I really like this. Great job man!
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Did you grab yourself a copy of the calendar?
elusive Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
I have those shoes :P
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Mine were obviously a bit more beat up. ;)
elusive Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
haha I don't know, my Converse are pretty wrecked lol.
curly-gurly Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006
cant believe so many ppl had probs with understanding and appreciating this! its such a great concept! i love it!
designxxl Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2006   Interface Designer
can someone tell me how the background effect is called and made ?
i love it !!!
janinexd Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2006
i lurve that graphic.
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
It's going to be in the upcoming Otis school calendar. Guess which month it represents?
Mylehyena Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2006
Sorry :) I really gotta’ comment on this, because not only is it a wonderful design and a clever ideal, but also because I notice that some people are saying that this could have been done better.. It really is bothering me because allot of people don’t take into consideration that graphic designers(and students ;)) are usually under a strict turn-over time, and anything, weather an advertisement or a piece of art can ALWAYS be improved.

In design, it isn’t always weather it is done better, or sharper, or more detailed, but whether you get your message across clearly and in a way that appeals to the consumer..

Great work :)
beserker1983 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2006
So...what was your turnout grading?
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
I think it was an A
beserker1983 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006
Definitely deserving of an A, I would think. Congratulations. :)
elektro-phalasteeni Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006

VERY powerful.. this is amazing stuff.. inspiring :wow:

Djoe Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005
i like it also.... powerfull ad :)
VEKTRebL Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2005
the toung doesn't look like its part of the shoe, thats my biggest critisism.
suerdas Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005  Professional Photographer
haha these are my favorite shoes :)
YUMEK0N Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
This surely is a very pro ad design. I really appreciate the way you used the background and perspective to catch watchers attention. I wouldn't change anything. Good job.
splat Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
This one has been sitting in my devWATCH messages for ages, until I had time to really take a look and leave you a constructive comment. I can see in the full view of this deviation that I was right to do so.

First off, let me say that I love the concept. You needed to capture "delicious" and "twisted" in a single page, and I believe you accomplished those two things flawlessly. The idea that a sneaker's "tongue" could love the taste of licorice is absurd, yet still viable enough to make a point. I really enjoy the way you made the tongue come to life, the way it jumps out of the sneaker.

As far as the piece as parts, I like some of them and I'm not sure about others. The sneaker, the tongue and the licorice on that tongue are fine for me. They all work nicely and I don't think they should be edited one bit. The background is catchy, appealing, yet subtle enough to let the eye focus on the objects of importance. As far as the Red Vines package goes, it might be better if it were a little larger, but then you might be competing with the sneaker for the eye's attention.

It's the text and the amount of unused space that gets me. The text seems somewhat appropriate, but I wonder if it would be more pronounced if it were red rather than blue. Also, the fact that it's a stamp-like font makes me want to see both words, "deliciously" and "twisted", the same length. Perhaps "twisted" would be larger to accomodate the lack of letters. The large amount of unclaimed space is less of a concern, though it does feel a little empty at 8.5x11". If the sneaker was larger, along with the ALC logo, I would probably like this even better.

Even with those remarks, this is a great looking ad that could certainly grab some attention if put to use. I'm in awe of just the concept you came up with let alone the actual design. Great work as always Ryan. I look forward to seeing your work in print someday. :thumbsup:
dapejn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
very strange with the tongue, but the overall look is great. wonderful composition, excellent 2d work.
cyphex Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2005
This is cool, it is a bit hard to read the text though, or will it be easier to read in the magazine?
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
Its large enough to read at 8.5x11.
cyphex Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2005
Ah... well I meant that it is hard to read because the text is red and the background is blue, it's kind of hard to distinguish between the two colors.
gfxmonkey Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
Nice. Like the look. The blue with the red licorice really works.
guggenheim Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
you have just been added into my favorite person ever in d.a. group... lol.. I love your work man, I wish you could check mine out and made some comments.. I'll try to comment all of yours.
flisk Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
awesome idea dude, very original :)
talyn-the-shadow Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2004   Interface Designer
When I was learning English it was a hard concept to understand that the center flap of the shoe is called the tongue. And I really like how you took the possible play on words to a literal level. I also like that you chose not to make the blue and white pattern perfectly symetrical, I think that adds to the effect of the pattern. And while I can understand the saliva drops, I can not honestly say that I like them; and if I am to demand honesty from others I must be honest myself. To me it almost looks as if there is something on the ad. But, what do I know? Heh. Other than that, it's a brilliant ad and the idea behind it, genius. I really do like this, you have once again made an impressive response to an assignment. Great job! :D
GnKit Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
Thats wonderfully original

looks almost like a real ad would except that it has more personality than a normal one
kyvek Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
That's ridiculous.

I can't believe you made a shoe eating Red Vines...nice :)
jody-mits Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
definately 'twisted'. Way to go on the idea. =) looks great.
mattdanna Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Wow. That's such an awesome design and concept.

Brillant job.
Zlatty Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004  Professional Photographer
that looks friggin awesome
very nice work
smooth and hunger provoking
sabotage Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
damn this thing is a beauty, you accomplished your mission well :salute:
nicely done! i just have no words to express what i feel when this deviation is infront of my eyes, its just sooo.. mm.. soo.. good looking the concept/idea behind it, its just trendy and wicked!
disinformatique Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
deliciously twisted :drool: , the licorice on the tngue is a tad bit long, the red vines pack wud have been better if it was a bit big, wud have added more depth to the space.

authentic and original

God is in the details

iko Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004
nice nice poster! only thing i dont like so much is the font you used..
pandrogas Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004
Looks pretty good. I like the kind of spatial effect made by the way the items are layed out, giving the background lines some more depth and creating a floor and walls type effect. The rest of the layout is pretty good, though I would have gone with the shoe opening from the front and eating (more to the point with very little confusion, if less pun), but that's just me. And the photo quality is good for someone without "unlimited funds". Lol. ;) Trust me, the funds most creative groups have are quite limited when it really comes down to it. You would be very suprised where not only inspiration, but materials and production comes from in many cases.

But great piece, very well done, as usual. :thumbsup: :D
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