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September 5, 2006
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Sony Proposal Booklet by TheRyanFord Sony Proposal Booklet by TheRyanFord
Over at Strata, we've built a little pitch for Sony with the desire of being their agency of choice for some web-based work. Although I can't show you the final layouts with our strategies and whatnot, I can show some of the spreads I designed for our proposal booklet.

When you think of a proposal, you probably think of a little packet bound by Kinkos, which is basically a print of a Word document. We're not like that, though, and we know Sony's not like that. So, I designed the overall look and feel of the booklet before we had content to lay out, taking direction from the general style of Instead of this being a boring proposal, it is now designed to mimic a product catalog or a sales brochure.

The following are my favorite spreads out of this 80+ page booklet. Enjoy.
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Given 2006-09-12
liquisoft is an icon in the design community. After checking the work that's been honored here at dA, I realise that Ryan has grown far beyond that and only continues to produce QUALITY work. Sony Proposal Booklet by liquisoft receives recognition so the rest of the community can see quality design for high profile clients looks like. These collection of literature layout just shows a level of committment every designer should have. With that said, those into design, take a look but don't just say wow, try to learn from this design. ( Featured by depthskins )
RyGuy5320 Jun 16, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Absolutely beautiful design!

As a designer myself this is exactly the sort of style I strive for, but I don't always get it quite right.
eduard-angelo Mar 1, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
This is so nice and a very clean layout.
I too have had discussions with Sony in the past but with regard to a knackered TV :/

I've never considered the game plan for large clients like Sony as I'm not in that league. Makes perfect sense to go all out like this. A job in itself to get the job. Must hurt more when you don't get it, but no pain no mofo'ing gain.

Great work :+fav:
kungfuam Dec 6, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Great work :)
TheRyanFord Dec 6, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Great job
G ahead to do more creativity
tamer98 Mar 31, 2009  Professional Photographer
very nice, very clean.. :)
00alisa00 Mar 3, 2009   Digital Artist
this is very nice
I like the use of the colors :)
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