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Teardrop by TheRyanFord Teardrop by TheRyanFord
This image is dedicated to those who lost their lives during the horrific events on September 11, 2001. I created this image on September 18,2001 as a rememberance, in a way. Made 100% in photoshop.

Being that deviantart is still kind of slow, you may download this image at a 1600x1200 resolution by clicking on this link: [link]
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maya-alapaap Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
sanolution Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2007
ilona Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005
I use your 3 wallpapers so many time that it is really shame that i never fav them.
DagraK Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2005
I have no option but to fav this.
sakurakira Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
i guess i've never looked at the full version of this before thinking it was a simple leaf (along the lines of your ladybug walls), and didn't realize it was a 911 wall. T_T that's very sweet. :hug:
cymoil Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2003
Very clean and well done, the yellow tack is the only thing that seems odd to me in the image, its pinned to the floor?:D (Big Grin)
lentjeuhz Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2002
awesome.... this really kicks ass!!! the light, just everything

greetz lentjeuhz
mattnagy Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Excellent Work. :) (Smile)
raven777 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2002
I think this is exceptionally well Done...

So much time and effort,Its evident your heart
and soul went into this...Its incredibly simple
yet holds so much depth and feeling...

We were so shocked and helpless...I see the
tack as the false sense of security we love
to delude ourselves with...Its Ironic how little
control we really have over our lives...And
all we could really do was cry, Innocence

Its also how Ironic that it has become a disgusting
battleground for polatics...I dunno man...

I only see hear a true heart, for innocent people
who didn't have to die...

A masterpiece...

This would be good for you to put up for that
tribute Spyed(i think) is putting together for

I'd say it says it all...

Take Care,
snowmask Featured By Owner May 16, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
I first saw this on your site (ages ago before I was active here on dA)
and I downloaded it...
it's still here on my comp, and altho I rarely use it... (doesn't match the colour theme :P (Razz) ), I open it now and then... and get the same feeling as I first saw it...
the vibrant green... is just brimming with life...
it portrays the living... shedding tears for the lost souls...
it's lovely.. how something so simple... could be so full of meaning, so full of overwhelming emotion
it's amazing how a weeping leaf can tell a tragic story
Heart favvie Heart

Snowflake SnOwMaSk Snowflake
. . . close enough for me . . .

tigaer Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
simple a very very beautiful work... very soft and peaceful
~TigAEr [link]

olya Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
stunning. perfect in every sense, except of the reason that you had to made this.

Cookie always remember that life is a cookie. Cookie
Cookie Cookie
doobybrain Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2001   Photographer
a great contrast to most of the nine eleven wallpapers, this is bright and in a way, to me, it gives someone a sense of comfort because it is so bright.

[ .::doobybrain::. ]
cazzanova Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2001
I love this, absolutely beautiful!!

cazzanova is not an artist.....he is a state of mind
blondeoverblue Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2001
very beautiful & meaningful Thumbs Up
louie2000 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2001
very emotional, my heart also goes out to them

paroxysm Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2001
one of the aspects of your work that i don't think is appreciated enough has to be the level of ambience you put in it. this is achieved with the glow around your focal point which is quite obvious in this one and adds to the overall feel of the piece. this is top-notch!

:: paroxysm ::

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necron Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2001
Sweet clean render. Great work man, and yes, very professional looking

____// necron
archnemesis Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2001
Top stuff Liqui, this is a Very Pleasant change from the layered images of the WTC or something. Very professional looking and stuff. r0x0r on.

Moo Moo ||D.V.S|| Moo Moo
syph0n Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
very nice. i like the tack....

. jared . syph0n . AIM : Dresarii .
. mourning for the losses . praying for the life .
. join in the silence . .
idlejam Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
it's beautiful :) (Smile) so much emotion in such a minimal piece...

[ idlejam ] [ iji ] [ elle ] [ slave ]
krash Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001  Professional Photographer
Very clean and well done, the yellow tack is the only thing that seems a bit out of place to me.

~DeadEnd Designs~
jark Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
this is simply beautiful work liquisoft. a touching way to pay tribute to those that lost their lives.

:: jark ::
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guesshimself Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
wow, excellent work and a great message. incredible...

contents may have settled during shipping
furryphotos Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001  Professional Photographer
Nice work man but I still like this one id=76492 more. Maybe you could use a darkerbackground?

|Dinosaurs Are NOT Extinct|
x174 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
I like it. It's clean, easy on the eyes, and well designed. A calm look to it, with a meaningful title and purpose. It easily shows time and effort was put into this piece. Very nice.

ubu Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
Very well done, man.

- u - b - u -
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September 18, 2001
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